Sunday, 7 November 2010

Butterfly Conservation Coppicing volunteer day, Nov 2010

Yesterday Mike and Tracy hosted a volunteer day in their wood, near Rye, where they're coppicing as encouraged by the Butterfly Conservation Rother Woods project.

Here's a few pictures of people hard at work, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.






As you can see, it was fun for all ages, and there was also plenty of time for food and tea breaks.


Afterwards, Elise drew this great picture of the work that went on during the day. You can click on it to view it in flickr and choose a larger size.
Work Party in the Woods

There'll be another day open to volunteers who'd like to come out and get their hands dirty in early December. The plan is to widen a ride that connects the area where we were coppicing yesterday with some other rides that have already been widened. Wider rides let in more light, which encourages plant growth at ground level, resulting in flowers that are beneficial to butterflies and other insects, and therefore also the other wildlife that depends on them for food.

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