Sunday, 9 January 2011

Coppicing volunteer day Jan 2011

Yesterday we had a great day day coppicing in the woods, widening a ride to let more sunlight in, which will benefit butterflies and other insect life.

Susanne was very effective felling Hazel stems

while Owen (of Hastings Conservation Volunteers) was busy dragging them away to process with a saw and billhook.

Peter was further along the ride, creating neat piles of processed stems:

Jim and Martyn got busy coppicing some Hazel along the edge with a field, which will be turned into a hedgerow in future:



Meanwhile Tracy and Mike, who manage the woodland, looked after hot drinks, the fire and keeping up with processing the Hazel that Susanne was felling so fast!

Mike also used his chainsaw to clean off the Hazel stumps, as that's hard work with a bow saw.

The award for sustainable transport goes to Martyn, who rode about 10 miles on his bike to come and work in the woods!

Here's a view of the ride at the end of the day. The left hand side was cut during the day, though there are a few larger trees left that Mike will chainsaw later. The right hand side will be done by the person who manages that part of the wood over the next few weeks.

One of the key things about this is that this ride links up to an existing network of other rides, which are progressively being widened to let light in, so it should be really beneficial for butterflies and other insects, as well as the wildlife that depends on them for food.

Thanks to everyone who came along - a lot was achieved! And thanks to Susanne for the cakes, which were delicious!

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