Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The First Butterflies of 2011

"Ever hopeful, I went out today armed with my camera, as I had a feeling that I could see something worth snapping.

I walked down toward the Darwell Reservoir and in sheltered places the sun was quite warm, although there was an occasional sharp breeze and ice remained in the puddles from last night's frost. As I neared the stream that feeds the Darwell, I noticed a flash of orange, which disappeared before I had a chance to see what it was. I waited a few seconds and then saw another coming from a different direction. Again, it disappeared, so I carried on walking down to the Reservoir, disappointed that I had been unable to identify it.

On my way back, I stood by the stream once more and then I caught a glimpse of it, but this time I managed to follow it with my eye until it settled. My thoughts were confirmed as I approached - it was a Comma. This was my first butterfly sighting of the year and it made my day - I felt as though Spring had finally arrived though no doubt I'll have to eat my words if we are wading through six feet of snow next week!"

Katie Walker


  1. I saw another Comma in the same spot today!

  2. A big thank you to Jack Walker for helping me to fix the time zone problem on the posts!

    Cheers, JB

  3. Well, it didn't snow today, but I did see four Brimstone, six Commas, one Peacock and one Small Tortoiseshell on my way to the Darwell Reservoir!