Friday, 25 March 2011

Light Orange Underwing

Congratulations to Dave Monk who found, recorded and photographed the first Light Orange Underwing moth in Sussex since 1985.

The Light Orange Underwing moth is listed as Nationally Scarce, list B, and is not an easy catch at all.

Light Orange Underwing is a day flying moth very similar in appearance to the Orange Underwing, however Light Orange Underwing has a preference for Aspen trees, rather than the Birch favoured by the regular Orange Underwing.

There are morphological and wing colour differences between the two species also.

It is possible that Light Orange Underwing is present at quite a few sites in Sussex, but it flies high and is not easily netted. It is believed that this moth flies close to the ground in the early morning, so it may well be worth targeting local Aspen trees at this time.

For a downloadable fact sheet on Aspen please go to;

Butterfly Conservation downloads; Aspen

Dave found his moth in Brede High Wood which he visits frequently and he is a significant contributor of butterfly and moth records from his local area.

Well done Dave.
(All photos by Dave Monk)

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