Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A New Site for Butterflies

Marline Valley in Hastings is a SSSI consisting of ancient woodland and lowland meadows. The site is owned by Hastings Council and managed by Sussex Wildlife Trust.

The brilliant news is that a piece of adjoining land, originally earmarked for development by the council, has now been added to the nature reserve. This 3-4 acre plot has great potential for rare wild flowers to thrive, such as Dyer's Greenweed and Grass Vetchling. Grizzled Skippers are in the next field, so should be able to spread into this one.

Last Sunday, the Hastings Conservation Volunteers under the guidance of Owen Johnson, who manages the Marline reserve for the trust, started working on the site, taking out trees and shrubs in order to prevent the land turning into woodland and hopefully turning it into a promising site for butterflies and other insects.

With ever more land being fragmented and churned up for housing, roads and infrastructure for human needs, isn’t it great that sometimes, very occasionally, bits of nature are given back to other species?

Susanne Whiting

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