Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Magnificent Meadows

On a recommendation from Dawn Brickwood of the High Weald Landscape Trust's -Weald Meadows Initiative, I have been walking the Public Footpaths and Open Access areas adjacent to the Beech Estate meadows in Penhurst CP, to the west of Battle.

For a start, the scenery is terrific.

The fields are strewn with buttercups, oxeye daisies and sweet vernal-grass.
The bridleways and paths are lined by hedgerows creating a great habitat for wildflowers and grasses.
For example, growing along a shady section of the bridlepath verge is this distinctive grass, Wood Melick.
Yet these unimproved meadows are not over awed by grasses, which gives other plants a chance to thrive. This meadow contains an abundance of trefoils and vetches.
Which is great news for my favourite bumblebee (one of the easiest to identify), Bombus lapidarius, and a host of Common Blue butterflies.
I also saw this rather nice little flower which I believe is Common Milkwort.
Finally on some swampy ground adjacent to the bridleway I noticed these aquatic horsetails which are either water horsetails or marsh horsetails.
Please visit the High Weald Landscape Trust website to find out more about our magnificent Sussex meadows.
High Weald Landscape Trust
Weald Meadows Initiative

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