Sunday, 8 May 2011

Splendid Spring

The warn, dry weather has been good for the invertebrates with many early sightings this year.

Heather Martin sent me this photograph of a sawfly larva. I thought this might have been a caterpillar when I first saw it, but Heather did a little research and has narrowed it down to one of the three Oak Sawfly (Periclista) species that are found in the South East of the UK.Picture by Heather Martin

Heather also recorded the micro-moth Eucosmomorpha albersana in her woodland near Northiam and this sighting has been verified by the County Recorder. This is the first record of this moth in East Sussex for over twenty-five years.

Eucosmomorpha albersana at UK Moths Website

Speckled Yellow moths are flying about in numbers now, Katie Walker photographed this one in Darwell Wood. Common Blue and Small Heath butterflies are popping up all over the place too.Picture by Katie Walker

Katie also took a photograph of this magnificent looking Damselfly which I believe could be "Beautiful Demoiselle" Calopteryx virgo, though C.virgo looks more green than blue in my copy of Chinery.Picture by Katie Walker

The worker bumblebees are out in force, the one pictured here is probably Bombus lapidarius which have a preference for Bird’s-foot Trefoil.Picture by Katie Walker.

To conclude then, a picture of a plant, Bush Vetch. This plant appears to be very popular with the ants, as every time I have seen this plant there have been a few ants crawling over it.Picture by Katie Walker

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