Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Too soon to call?

Well I must say it is certainly very spring like, though officially spring does not start for another twenty two or so days.
At the weekend I was out with the Woodland Trust Volunteers at Brede High Wood. Surprisingly the adder (Vipera berus) that Dave Monk saw last month was back in its usual spot.
One of the volunteers found a toad (Bufo bufo). The photograph here shows it looking rather serene and not the least bit perturbed by all the attention.

Dave and I disturbed a ground beetle, possibly (Pterostichus niger).Spotting the red on this beetle’s legs is key to a positive ID, so what would be the worst background possible? The red bits on my work gloves. Doh!

Dave also saw this amazing tree stump. Though visually striking its suitability as a habitat for fungi and deadwood invertebrates is possibly its most salient feature.

On the subject of fungi, Katie Walker sent me these photos of (Sarcoscypha austriaca), Scarlet Elf Cup fungus that she saw in Darwel Wood. This fungus, though widely distributed, is relatively uncommon. So a very nice find.

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