Monday, 30 April 2012

Making the most of sunshine between showers ...

An Article by Heather Martin

A Brimstone butterfly Gonepteryx rhamni resting on a dead leaf.

An Orange-tip butterfly Anthocharis cardamines on the tip of a Birch branch.

Minute Micropterix calthella moths feeding on the pollen of Dog's Mercury flowers.

The hoverfly Leucozona lucorum perching on a Lady's Smock flower.

One of many Birch Leaf-roller Weevils Deporaus betulae just sitting in the sun on newly unfurled Birch leaves.

A Birch Shieldbug Elasmostethus interstinctus clambering through the foliage.

Up to no good! An Ichneumon wasp stalking through the undergrowth - these insects are parasitic.

And finally something that appreciates the rain - this 8cm long gelatinous fruiting body of Tremella foliacea a 'Jelly Fungus' growing on a rotting birch log.

All picutures by Heather Martin; 30th April 2012

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