Monday, 14 May 2012

Moth Trapping in Brede High Woods

Friday evening (11th May 2012) was dry and relatively mild so we gathered at the “New Car Park”, in Brede High Wood for a spot of moth trapping.

However under clearing skies there were not that many moths about. But we did get a few good ones.

The highlights were this metallic grey Pale Tussock (Calliteara pudibunda);

and a Scarce Prominent (Odontosia carmelita)

We also caught an “Ochreous Pug” (Euithecia indigata), and my thanks to David Burrows for identifying this for us.
Photo (c) by kind permission of Paul Harris (UK Moths)

Ochreous Pug at UK Moths

The rarest moth of the evening though was a Dusky Peacock (Macaria signaria). This moth would no doubt have been passed off by me as a regular “Peacock Moth” (Macaria notata), had not the Sussex Moth Group members seen it.
Dusky Peacock at UK Moths
Peacock Moth at UK Moths

So my heartfelt thanks to the Sussex Moth Group, David Bonsell and the Woodland Trust.


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