Monday, 10 March 2014

It suddenly looks and feels like Spring!

An Article by Heather Martin

According to the Met Office Sunday 9th March was the warmest day in our region since last October and what a beautiful day it was.

Rodney and I went to our wood to carry out a bit of maintenance on the dormouse nest boxes.
The stream has retreated back to where it belongs and the ground is significantly drier.

Primroses are flowering profusely and the first of the Wood Anemones are blooming.

Brimstone, Comma and Peacock butterflies were out in force.

We also saw the first hoverflies of the year. This Eristalis sp. landed momentarily on the sleeve of Rodney's boiler-suit.

I was thrilled to hear croaking coming from the far side of the pond and although the frogs dived for cover as we approached they had already deposited clouds of spawn at the water's edge.

All pictures by Heather Martin 10/03/2014

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